Fire Systems Preventative Maintenance

Brian has years of experience maintaining fire safety equipment and is well positioned to assist Michelle in ensuring your building is fire compliant.

In order to complement our already well regarded Emergency Procedures and Workplace Health and Safety Services we are pleased to now offer Fire Systems preventative maintenance services. We offer a total package for your ease of compliance as required by Building Fire Safety Regulation and Mandatory part 6.1 of the Queensland Development Code.

Services include:

Inspection of Emergency and Exit Lighting - AS2293.2010/2

Portable Fire Extinguishers - AS1851.2012/10

Fire blankets - AS1851.2012/11

Smoke and Heat Alarms - AS1851.2012/6

Are your Fire Extinguishers just hanging around? Part of the furniture?

Did you know that they need to be checked every six months?

Sunshine Coast Fire Compliance will attend your site, complete your inspection and supply you with all the required documentation.

At the conclusion of 12 months we will provide your annual Occupiers Statement for you to lodge with the QFES.

The PCBU has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of all building occupants, this includes the maintenance of all installed fire equipment, allow us to help.

Pricing starting from $50.00

Smoke alarms

Six-monthly inspection
Annual inspection - inclusive of new 9V battery.


Fire extinguishers

$11.50 each

Emergency lighting inspection

90-minute discharge tests
*Fire extinguishers & blankets 50% for inspections completed with emergency lighting inspection.

from $150.00

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